What is Going on in Mosul

10 days later and the fighting is still intensifying.In the final debate both presidential candidates running for the next term addressed what is happening in and around Mosul. The area has now ben controlled by ISIL for the past two years. It is now seen as a main capital for ISIL related activities.

On Monday October 17th, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend made it clear that the forces that are combating ISIL in order to regain Mosul are all Iraqi. They are supported by air support, artillery, and advisors.

So far the thousands of Iraqi forces have managed to capture at least 100 square kilometers in the past four days of fighting. Thousands have been displayed from the area as the violence has increased. Suicide truck attempts have been stopped and now Iraqi military forces have armored vehicles only miles from the city. Thursday, October 20th, has been “the most intense” yet reporters have said. So far the forces have made more progressed than was previously expected. Time will tell how the region will be affected and the total number of deaths that will occur from the taking back of Mosul.



As of October 26th, 10 days after the initial invasion of Mosul, the fighting is still carrying on. It has been reported that ISIS is sending suicide bombers and other troops into Mosul. They are arriving from Syria with light weapons. Reinforcements are also attaching explosives to bridges along the Tigris river along with preparing vehicles with suicide bombs.

So far troops are slowly making their way closer and closer to the city. It is there that the fight is expected to intensify. ISIS has been putting up a fight in several different areas as they light oil fields and a sulfur factory on fire. As the fighting continues they are also using civilians as human shields or carrying out executions in retaliation.


The Kurdish Prime Minister has issued a statement explaining that unless Mosul is administered well after the liberation is complete, it could open the door for another terrorist group to take control.