Soldiers could be Prosecuted for War Crimes

The International Criminal Court is currently looking at different American soldiers in an investigation about alleged war crimes that occurred in Afghanistan. While this investigation is ongoing, legal experts believe that it is unlikely that these soldiers will be charged and actually sent to face justice. This court is being held in Hague, Netherlands and is including Americans even though the United States of America isn’t actually part of the members.


The Possible War Crime Charges

It is believed that these soldiers captured and subjected at least 61 people to torture and various forms of cruelty. These charges are ranging from May of 2003 to the end of December in 2014. Thats not all though. It is believed that members of the CIA could be responsible for at least 27 people experiencing extreme treatment, torture, disrespect, and even rape. These charges range from December of 2002 to March of 2008.

The prosecutors have announced that they will launch a full investigation into these events. It could ultimately lead to these soldiers being charged with war crimes.

The members of the ICC are pursuing these charges because these individuals have not faced any kind of investigation within the US. If authorities were to pursue some investigation then the ICC would no longer by able to prosecute these individuals. Even if an investigation was launched at home if the ICC felt that they were not complete they could still go through with proceedings.


If it Goes to Court

Currently, despite the US defending the actions of soldiers in this area, the ICC are beginning to investigate. They are investigating into parts of Poland, Lithuania, and Romania. Its here where some of the CIA members supposedly committed some of the crimes.

While these investigations are being discussed it is highly unlucky that they would be pursued anytime soon. It is believed that focus will first be trained on to Taliban crimes. These were not just more severe but more in number.