Sarah Palin and the VA

Sarah Palin could have a place with the VANews came recently of who President elect Donald Trump could potentially nominate for the position of Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The name that surfaced has shocked many. Sarah Palin could finally find a way into the White House as its her name that has been thrown out there.

If she gets the job she would be the first woman who has held this position. She will also be the first nonveteran to be Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Sarah Palin endorsed Trump early on in his campaign and he responded by expression that he might give her a cabinet position. After rumors began spreading about this Palin went online and posted about her support for what Trump is doing.

Not everyone is happy about Palin taking on this role. Some veterans have openly expressed their frustration at this potential choice. Its seen that this nomination could signify how little Trump actually thinks towards veterans. A more serious candidate would be needed to actually create positive change for veterans and the VA.