Pardon for Mental Health Reasons

Obama issuing pardons for dismissals based on mental health issues.President Obama and President elect Donald Trump will be receiving letters this week from the Vietnam Veterans of America. This letter will be advocating for pardons to be issued to thousands of service members for mental illness reasons. These two men will have to work together to figure out who deserves the pardons and who will gain their veterans’ benefits back.

Mental Health Pardons

These letters are coming after improper discharges have been issued to troops after numerous years of fighting. While it was sited that the discharges occurred because of substance abuse or suicide attempts, these veterans should have received treatment for mental health. Post traumatic stress disorder, brain injuries, and other mental health issues are the true cause to these infractions.

People that are suffering from these types of problems can turn to unhealthy methods in order to cope with the symptoms that they are experiencing. After they were discharged they couldn’t begin to receive care for these problems because they didn’t hold any veterans benefits.

Hopefully this will change though. Appeals that have been made to Congress have done nothing and gone no where. It is now up to Obama and Trump to potentially help these veterans.