The New Surveillance Powers

New surveillance laws have been passed.Its believed that potentially Congress and Trump could reinstate the mass collection of telephone records, internet activities, and emails. Thats not all though. The laws that limit the use of hacking into computers could be lessened as well.

Slackening the hacking law would mean that the FBI could look into more than thousands of computers in a single area. They would have to get permission from a judge but after that though.

Its hoped that these measures could prevent terrorist attacks by infiltrating small groups before they attack. The laws that they are looking to repeal though would look more into the victims or innocent people that are targeted rather than the attackers.

Information, e-mail content, and overall internet activity that takes place on Google or Facebook Inc wouldn’t be safe either. Early next year the restrictions of the government’s ability to collect such data could be lifted.

Apple Against Surveillance

Some of these changes are being requested after Apple has recently refused to allow for a hack to happen on an encrypted Apple phone. Now they want to determine legally if a company can do something like that. The FBI was able to eventually hack into the phone others that encrypt their phone make it harder for agencies to hack into.