Mustard Gas being used in Aleppo

Russian military intelligence have found a deadly chemical compound in Aleppo.

Chemical warfare has widely been banned when it comes to the war. Mustard gas that was used during World War I is highly frowned upon even though it is believed to have been used in Syria recently. Unfortunately, this may be true.


Russia found Mustard Gas

An unexploded mortar shell that was recently uncovered in Aleppo by the Russia military has come back positive with containing mustard gas. This chemical warfare compound is believed to have been used in Aleppo in September and now it can be confirmed.

Tests were done in the field to see if they could find mustard gas agents. When these came back positive, the shell was sealed up and sent to experts to figure out exactly what the mortar shell contained. Russia has also reported that they have found white phosphorus and chlorine in samples from Aleppo.

While Mustard gas has been banned since 1923 it has been used multiple times in Syria recently. In a recent attack that used the deadly chemicals at least 40 people were harmed. Bombing in the region continues everyday and more injuries will surely be reported soon in regards to the use of Mustard gas.