Homeless Veterans’ Funeral Attended by Hundreds

A homeless veteran's funeral was attended by hundreds.If only Stephen Carl Reiman was able to see the amount of people that showed up to support him when it was least expected. Hundreds of people that never met him gathered in a Wyoming chapel on November 29th, Tuesday, to mourn his death.

About the Veteran

Reiman was a U.S Navy veteran who had died a stranger to many but became friends with a special few. At 63 he had only come to Wyoming a few weeks before, on November 8th. In a simple backpack he had Bruce Springsteen CDS, identification, and his discharge papers.

When he was in the hospital in Casper, nobody visited him. After he died it was difficult to find family members. It was the initial hope that the community would help to raise awareness of the number of homeless veterans there are in the country. Reiman and many others deserve the honor and recognition that can be hard to find in these kinds of instances.