Good News for Troops About Bonuses

Troops won't have to pay back their bonuses after all.Happy news is coming to California guardsmen and numerous other troops after months of waiting for a result that regards if they would need to pay back some sign on bonuses that they received. Originally the Pentagon had demanded that these service members needed to pay back the money that they had received. This money was meant to quickly fill in needed ranks during the Iraq and Afghanistan war.

Years later it was discovered that the Guard had over payed some members and some service members shouldn’t have even been eligible for the money. Now its been decided though that unless that service member knew this, they can’t be told to pay back their bonuses.

Delegates and leaders had been extremely angered about the call for these veterans to repay what should’ve been theirs. It also caused numerous hardships for some as debt collectors began to call looking for the money.

The Future

This all could have been avoided though. The bill that is being passed will move to protect people that were directly affected by this and to protect others that may be dealing with a similar situation within the military. The bill will protect all service members who have received bonuses from having to pay them back if later its discovered that they shouldn’t have been eligible. Of course they would need to prove that they didn’t know that they were in fact ineligible.