Gender Integration: Women in the Military

Ten women made history this month, as they were the first to graduate from an Infantry Officer Basic Leader course. 12 women started this journey at Fort Benning in Georgia. After a 17 weeklong course, ten were able to graduate next to 156 male classmates. The next stop for those that graduated is to attend Ranger School and we wish them the best of luck.

Captain Kristen Griest and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver made the way for these ladies in August of 2015. They were the first women to graduate Army Ranger School. After that Defense Secretary Ash Carter made the change and allowed all military jobs to be open to women.


Gender Integration

This change was mandated by the Pentagon in 2013 and was finally executed in beginning of 2016. The military explains that they have been making these steps for years though. Women have fought for our country for countless years and that will always be recognized. This is no more than a formality for some it seems.

The Army believes this will be a positive change for all those involved. They also believe that it will be a force that draws everyone together. It has also been promised that standards won’t be lowered, as some fear would happen. The goal of these programs is to create leaders and to create fit soldiers, regardless of gender.