Burn Pits: New Agent Orange

The burn pits that soldiers and contractors were exposed to are making them sick.Burn pits in Afghanistan and Iraq are causing thousands of soldiers to become seriously ill. It has caused cancers, respiratory issues, and even some blood disorders. Some have even died from exposure to these pits. This doesn’t just affect soldiers put also civilians and private contractors that are working near them.

These pits are full of burning waste including sewage. They were originally used to destroy anything that the base no longer needed. This ranged from plastics, dead animals, human waste, and even appliances among other things.


Private Contractors are Hard Hit

While it is being largely ignored, private contractors are suffering perhaps the most. The Veterans Administration can’t help those who went as private contractors to help in places like Afghanistan or Iraq. While it didn’t seem like a serious problem while they were there, once they returned home they began to experience health problems.

Some have been turned away from the VA because they weren’t in the actual military even though they were at all the bases these soldiers were at. But now these private contractors are banding together. Through the organization Burn Pits 360, the contractors have sent over 500 letters to President Obama. They are asking for something to be done to address the health problems that they are now experiencing.