Arming Against Russia

Russia has been making aggressive moves in Europe.Starting in May over 800 UK troops will be sent to Estonia to start protecting Europe’s border from Russia. After their six month deployment they will then be replaced with another UN nation’s army. This has come after Russia has been showing off its new nuclear missiles and has begun to practice nuclear defense drills.

Along with soldiers, jets and tanks will also be sent to Estonia in an attempt to begin to build a barrier. Other UK soldiers along with a Romanian force will be sent to Poland to join a US battalion that will be there. It is the hope of these movements to prevent Russian hostility from expanding. It is also hoped that Russia won’t take over anymore Eastern Europe satellites. Russia has already laid some claim over Ukraine and Crimea.


Large Shows of Force

Recently, Russia revealed Satan 2, a nuclear missile that is big enough to completely destroy the UK. Over 40 million Russians also participated in nuclear drills that lasted over four days. The government in Russia has not hesitated as it posted videos of the protective gear that will be used. Vladimir Putin has also made demands to make bomb shelters that could house the entire population of Moscow.

This prompted the United States to have four battle groups be filled with 4,000 troops from European nations. So far, Denmark, France, Italy and other allies are going to be joining the battle groups. The US, Britain, Canada, and Germany are already on their way to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. This show of force has been the largest made since the Cold War.

Lev Gudkov is the head of Levada-Center, a Russian polling group. He has said that most Russians “believe that the Third World War has begun”. This has come after tension has escalated between Russia and the US after their bombing in Aleppo. Italy has since begun to deny them permission to refuel fighter jets in the country if they couldn’t prove they wouldn’t be used to bomb Syria. This change went into affect today, October 27th.

Last night in the Baltic Sea, more Russian warships arrived. These ships are believed to have missiles and other such warheads aboard. Although it is believed that they are not carrying nuclear weapons. A Russian newspaper said these are the first that will be deployed. NATO has since promised to monitor the region. Tensions are rising wherever Russian forces are gathering but other nations are making efforts to prevent aggression from further escalating.